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You know that thing in the world where you meet someone for the first time, and they immediately ask you what you do and what school gave you the permission slip to do so? Or how, no matter how strategic your word choice, all bios just end up sounding like a philosopher battling between humility and ego on a Tinder profile? If you hate these parts of our culture as much as I do, I apologize because this is that part of the website.

We'll get through this together. . .

Originally from Anderson, Tyler is a vintage board game collecting, TV gameshow-loving, fluent sarcasm speaking, dog-loving, community supporting, Indiana native. He’s always been fascinated by the human experience and an affinity for giving back to his community. Additionally, Tyler’s love for live entertainment comes mainly from how nuanced and profound its impact can be in our lives.


The step into live event emceeing seemed to be one that would encompass all of these aspects. His business outlook is based on creating live emcee-driven social experiences keeping in mind the principles of audience inclusivity, partner diversity, and community building. Meeting this goal is only possible by combining these life principles and the skill set he’s honed professionally from 20+ years in live entertainment, 20 years in the not-for-profit sector, 15+ years in the restaurant and bar industry, and 10+ years in event management and execution.


His career gives him a unique “devil’s advocate” view while building partnerships. Seeing both sides of the consultation table (operations, budgets, promotion, etc.) allows him to better assist in the building and ultimate success of partnerships and the experiences they create, making suggestions that make sense to the goals of all parties involved.


Spending the last 15+ years in the restaurant and bar industry has given him the knowledge needed to understand the nuances of hospitality and the ability to read a room. Being involved in the not-for-profit sector for over half his life, he knows the struggle of fundraising and, more importantly, how to do it in new, creative, and exciting ways. More than twenty years in live entertainment have taught him the best way to connect with an audience — be authentic to yourself, the content, and the brand. Marrying those three things together in a seamless presentation is a vital part of his partnership-building process.

Over the years, he has cultivated a presentation style that is confident yet approachable, sarcastic yet honest, understanding yet fair, which has allowed him to win over audiences all across the cultural spectrum. In addition, his keen ability to read a room enables him to bring a sense of comfortability to experiences by forming genuine connections with his audiences through humor and empathy.

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